Extend your Second Brain in Obsidian with AI

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
Co-Founder, CTO. I like biking, hiking, and coding.

TLDR: Khoj AI in Obsidian now features a side panel for seamless in-document assistance and a button for easy text integration, enhancing its compatibility with Obsidian's local-first philosophy and maintaining options for cloud scalability or local-only use.

Khoj AI in Obsidian

Khoj with Obsidian is a major leveling up of your second brain. You can see the full instructions of how to install it here.

We wanted to share two exciting new features:

  1. We moved the AI assistant into the side panel. You can stay in context by not having to lose track of where you were. Exactly in your current document, you can have Khoj generating on the side, while you continue doing your best work.
  2. Now, you can more easily pull the generated data into your work to store, edit, and index it. We’ve added a button to Khoj’s chat response that pulls the generated text directly into wherever your cursor was last.

demo of Obsidian

We love Obsidian’s local-first approach, and we love their philosophy of file over database. With such a rich ecosystem of plugins, it’s evolved into a fantastic tool for thought and exploration. We hope to augment that as much as possible for our users, making it easy for you to stay in context while working with your documents.

We also started out with a local-first, file-centric model before changing our infrastructure to support thousands of users on the cloud and scale up on retrieval augmented generation. You can read about some of that journey in this blog post. Khoj is still self-hostable, so it can be local-only, if you want it to be, with your local-only Obsidian.